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Youth led campaigns in Bulgaria


What did you find out? The results of a large-scale comparative study conducted among young people in Bulgaria (mainstream and Roma youth) show that difficulties accessing …

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What did we do

Our YPAR collective work in Colombia and Uganda aims to reach social justice goals through youth-driven and community-driven research with communities affected by state violence.




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Traveller Times Talks Vlogging


What did you find out? We found out young Gypsies and Travellers felt overwhelmed with negative comments on the internet – from negative racist comments to …

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Youth Travellers Times Arts Award project


What did you find out? We worked with young Gypsies and Travellers from a site in North Worcestershire. The young people were being educated at home …

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Youth Travellers’ Times


Young people helped create a youth media output

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Children’s Rights Day 2021


What did we do? 80 young people, divided into 6 different committees on various topics (selected by a group of youth advisors), worked together on drafting …

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Child-friendly Towns and Villages


What did we do

The Office of the Commissioner for Children in Malta is currently conducting a research study on child-friendly towns and villages. the project consists of a research study which will be carried out amongst children, parents/guardians and key stakeholders. The second part of the project will consist of a practical element in which a town in Malta has been identified and through child participation (focus groups and walk about workshops) an area will be identified and made more child-friendly.

Contact: Suzanne Garcia Imbernon, Office of the Commissioner for Children (

The place is called:





Add other important experiences or identities

This issue affects all children and therefore different groups of children will participate. the research study is a national study.

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Its Kushti to Rokker (In English Its Good to Talk) A filmmaking and education project from the perspective of young Travellers.


What did you find out? High levels of discrimination and educational exclusion can place young Gypsies and Travellers’ at a higher risk of experiencing poor mental …

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Stories 2 Connect


Stories 2 Connect was a research project that we ran to find out people’s stories. We did lots of interviews with people. We added people’s stories together as fiction. And we made them come alive in a phygital way (in digital objects). See

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RoMOMatteR – Empowering Roma Girls’ Mattering through Reproductive Justice


What do we do? The general objective is to empower Roma girls’ mattering to help them envision their futures and choose motherhood only if and when …