Prepare and Plan


Prepare and plan


To prepare and plan we think about commitment and respect, the goals and resources we have, the links we can build and the information we can share.

Can we make sure that people show commitment and respect?

  • commitment to listen – including from people we are hoping to influence
  • commitment to take children’s views into account
  • relationships with children and adults based on mutual trust
  • skills in participatory activities
  • safe and ethical practice

What goals and resources do we have? And are the limits of what we can do?

  • We are experts in …
  • We have these people and organiastions that can help …
  • We have this funding and community support …
  • We have these limits on our goals or aims we have to achieve …
  • We can offer these opportunities to children and young people taking part …

How can we build links with by groups of children, professionals and community members?

  • Doing activities with children and families in the places where they live
  • Building relationships with groups and professionals over years
  • Asking people to become partners, or to attend our events

What accessible information do we need to prepare?:

  • Our organisations and each participatory project
  • How organisations agree to work together in any project
  • Consent, Confidentiality and child safeguarding
  • The responsibilities of adults participating in activities alongside children
  • Opportunities for anonymity versus being named and owning creative outputs

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