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What did you do to try to achieve change?

The young people through ‘the police in school debate’, have changed how the policy will be implemented and now schools have to demonstrate that young people have been consulted in the process and young people are now eligible to sit on some police scrutiny panels.

The groups are trying to ensure language is challenged and the word consultation is not used incorrectly!

The group have a subgroup that looks at what the combined authority are doing around climate change and has previously co-produced 2 green summits with the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

The group recently held a youth hustings event questioning all candidates about their manifestos and how they would involve young people in their plans for the region, if elected.

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    What do we do?

    We are called Youth Focus Northwest.  We bring together 42 youth organisations from across Greater Manchester, in the North of England to work with the combined authority.  The organisations and young people consult on policy, challenge decisions and help the combined authority explore ideas checking that young people would be interested. Contact: Lesley Dixon at

    The place is called:

    Greater Manchester, England


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    Tell us your advice on doing participation activities.

    The group have a different agenda each month when they come together.  However, we have started to recognise that some topics take a lot longer so, during this year, the group have spent a lot longer exploring the issue of police in schools, which is a policy that is coming into force across Greater Manchester. The group like hearing from decision makers about the themes and topics and having access to reading in advance so they can think about their answers ahead of meetings and share and explore with others such as their friends or youth groups.

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