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Children’s City Council Opatija


What did we do

The aims of our project:
• Establishing a relationship of mutual respect, listening and communication between children and the City.
• Developing awareness of the City as a community of all citizens.
• Recognition of rights to all groups of citizens.
• Enabling children to exercise their right to express their opinions.
• Training children to make decisions for themselves and others.
• Developing responsibility for children for decisions they make.

In October 2001, the first meeting of the Coordination Board of the “Children City Council” project was held at the premises of the Administrative Department for Self-Government and City Administration of Opatija.
Children from Children City Council Opatija since 2001 participate in the development of local and national strategies for children.
In its work, the standards of the Children’s City Council of the City of Opatija are governed by:
1. The Children’s City Council of Opatija has it’s own Statute,
2. The sessions of Children’s City Council Opatija are recorded,
3. Children’s City Council Opatija gives it’s proposals for a large city budget, and adults from the city after budget adoption give councilors information on which proposals have entered into the budget,
4. The Mayor and his deputies regularly participate in the sessions of Children’s City Council Opatija,
5. The mayor and his deputies shall answer the questions to the children or provide their answers in writing,
6. The little Children’s City Council Mayor of Opatija follows the big City Mayor in all protocols for children,
7. Children’s City Council Opatija has its budget in the amount of 12.000, kn (1,500 Euro), “My hands grow to you bigger, because I want to give you luck” is the name of the Call for Proposals funds from the Budget of the Children’s City Council of Opatija,
8. Children’s City Council Opatija announces the Contest for children “My Heart and Your Arms need to conquer the whole world with goodness” with the aim of promoting solidarity and humanity among children (primary and secondary school),
9. City expert services provide all the logistical support in project implementation.

Contact: Antonia Katić, Society “Our children” Opatija (

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Opatija, Croatia




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What did we do

We delivered a comprehensive, multi- and inter-disciplinary assessment of the needs and opportunities for young people in the Cluj metropolitan area, guided by an ecosystem view and oriented towards future initiatives stemming from the results of the assessment. The project will deliver an evidence-informed, tech-enabled repository of data, actors and initiatives in the areas of health and well-being, and education and future of work in the Cluj metropolitan area, with a participatory and inclusive approach. Different aspects of the research and the formulation of policy proposals were provided through participatory mechanisms involving young people and stakeholders, too. Data and proposals are put at the base of future action in the Cluj Metro Area during a 10-year lifespan.

LEAP project website:
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Contact: András Farkas, PONT Group (

The place is called:

Cluj-Napoca and Cluj Metro Area, Romania




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