National Children’s Policy workshops

What did we do

In 2017 a National Children’s Policy was launched and the Office of the Commissioner for Children was tasked with monitoring its implementation, The Office, carried out over 20 workshops with children between the ages of 7 and 15 who attend Church, State and Independent Schools all over Malta and Gozo. the workshops aimed at including children ‘s experiences and opinions in the interim report drawn up to monitor the progress of the implementation of the National Children’s Policy.

Contact: Suzanne Garcia Imbernon, Office of the Commissioner for Children (

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Malta and Gozo




Add other important experiences or identities

Since workshops were held within the community then different groups of children would have been involved




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    What do you try to change?

    The interim report included the recommendations made by the children as well as highlighted the challenges being faced by children. The report was presented to the Minister responsible for Children's Rights and was published on the Office website and social media pages.

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