Children and (climate) change

What did we do

Academics shared their recent research. We reported on what children have told us and sumarised it in a picture.
Some of what we discussed was participatory research by and with children and young people.
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Tell us what you found out –
what were people’s experiences, views or ideas for change?

Children are trying to bring about change in the world and there is more that adults can to do help them. Governments need to listen and academics can help by communicating their ideas.

What are your recommendations or calls to action?

Make sure children have food, care, access to digital technology, and opportunities to connect with other children and young people.

  • advice

    Taking time to sit back and think about what we are learning from research helps us understand more. Using music, learning from our emotions, can really help.
  • impact

    What do you try to change?

    How the world sees children and children's participation

    What do you want other people to do to help?

    Keep going!

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