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Youth led campaigns in Bulgaria


What did you find out? The results of a large-scale comparative study conducted among young people in Bulgaria (mainstream and Roma youth) show that difficulties accessing …

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From Voice to Action


What did you do? We promoted assemblies for children and youth in foster homes, addressing their perceptions about the Foster Care System, school, and their emotions. …

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Participative group with children in alternative care


What did we do? The aim of our project was to give voice, space, mentoring to children in alternative care and to engage them in active …

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What did we do

Our YPAR collective work in Colombia and Uganda aims to reach social justice goals through youth-driven and community-driven research with communities affected by state violence.




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Traveller Times Talks Vlogging


What did you find out? We found out young Gypsies and Travellers felt overwhelmed with negative comments on the internet – from negative racist comments to …

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Youth Travellers Times Arts Award project


What did you find out? We worked with young Gypsies and Travellers from a site in North Worcestershire. The young people were being educated at home …

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Youth Travellers’ Times


Young people helped create a youth media output

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Strategies for inclusive and impactful participation


Reaching In: What we have learned in 2021 about making children’s participation inclusive and impactful

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Open Schools Programme


Advice on children’s participation and increasing impact Create a space for children to come up with ideas Create something together so that children take ownership knowing …

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Open Schools Programme


What impact did you want to achieve? The Open Schools programme, prepares and support the school community to gradually change the atmosphere at the school through …