Strategies for inclusive and impactful participation

Reaching In: What we have learned in 2021 about making children’s participation inclusive and impactful


We have been collecting ideas about challenges in trying to make sure that children’s participation processes are inclusive and impactful.

  • Challenge 1. Stigma, structural discrimination and marginalisation 
  • Challenge 2. Building trusting relationships 
  • Challenge 3. Accessible information/ language 
  • Challenge 4. Creating enabling environments – possible, safe and worth it 
  • Challenge 5. Timescales that enable children in vulnerable situations to take a lead 
  • Challenge 6. Securing appropriate consent 
  • Challenge 7. Raising awareness of discrimination and of rights 
  • Challenge 8. Effective, credible and creative methods 
  • Challenge 9. Transparency about meaning, limits and opportunities of participation 
  • Challenge 10. Evaluating over longer timescales 
  • Challenge 11: Lack of investment in participation responding to the pandemic  
  • Challenge 12: Complexity of public decision making processes

People from 17 countries have suggested lots of ideas on how to get over these challenges. You can read them here.

If you are aged over 16, please share your ideas about what helps here.

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