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Rights of children in alternative care – filling the gap through peer research


What is your advice to people wanting to strengthen children’s participation in parliaments? To have functional children’s participation in parliament or government decisions, it is important …

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Children’s Rights Day 2021


Advice on children’s participation: The children involved are the main actors, meaning all the adults are the spectators. Within committees where parliamentarians are present, it is …

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Brewing a research project


Peer Researchers from the Peer Action Collective worked with Ali Roy and Cath Larkins to create this guide to how to move from general research interests to a doable research project

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Its Kushti to Rokker (In English Its Good to Talk) A filmmaking and education project from the perspective of young Travellers.


What advice would you give? J- “I feel so proud of what I’ve created and to have had the opportunity to tell my story to support …

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Doing Peer Research in a trauma informed way


Camille Warrington talks about how to take a trauma informed approach to collaborative research with and by young people

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Stories 2 Connect


Stories 2 Connect was a research project that we ran to find out people’s stories. We did lots of interviews with people. We added people’s stories together as fiction. And we made them come alive in a phygital way (in digital objects). See

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Youth Innovation Project Lead


What did we do

I run a Youth Innnovation Project at Citizens Advice Redbridge, which aims to increase access to advice for young people (particularly those who are vulnerable) in Redbridge.

Contact: Imogen Edge, Citizens Advice Redbridge (

The place is called:





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RoMOMatteR – Empowering Roma Girls’ Mattering through Reproductive Justice


Tell us your advice on doing participation activities. Strategies should address the roots of vulnerability both in Roma communities and mainstream society. We highlight the significant …

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Tell us your advice on doing participation activities. The project is youth led, so this means a group of elected young people plan and deliver the …

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Youth Voice


Tell us your advice on doing participation activities. The group have a different agenda each month when they come together.  However, we have started to recognise …