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Strategies for inclusive and impactful participation


Reaching In: What we have learned in 2021 about making children’s participation inclusive and impactful

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Open Schools Programme


Advice on children’s participation and increasing impact Create a space for children to come up with ideas Create something together so that children take ownership knowing …

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Open Schools Programme


What impact did you want to achieve? The Open Schools programme, prepares and support the school community to gradually change the atmosphere at the school through …

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Open Schools Programme


What do we do? The Open Schools programme aims to promote a democratic environment in schools and citizenship education through peer education and the work of pupil school …

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Child Rights Centre – DX Club


What do we do? Children’s Information and Cultural Centre – DX Club, founded in 1997 as part of the Child Rights Centre, gathers children and youth 12-18 years …

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Rights of children in alternative care – filling the gap through peer research


What did you do? The peer research methodology (known as action research) is useful because it empowers young people in academic research, involve them in all …

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Children’s Rights Day 2021


Advice on children’s participation: The children involved are the main actors, meaning all the adults are the spectators. Within committees where parliamentarians are present, it is …

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Children’s Rights Day 2021


What did we do? 80 young people, divided into 6 different committees on various topics (selected by a group of youth advisors), worked together on drafting …

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Brewing a research project


Peer Researchers from the Peer Action Collective worked with Ali Roy and Cath Larkins to create this guide to how to move from general research interests to a doable research project

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Child-friendly Towns and Villages


What did we do

The Office of the Commissioner for Children in Malta is currently conducting a research study on child-friendly towns and villages. the project consists of a research study which will be carried out amongst children, parents/guardians and key stakeholders. The second part of the project will consist of a practical element in which a town in Malta has been identified and through child participation (focus groups and walk about workshops) an area will be identified and made more child-friendly.

Contact: Suzanne Garcia Imbernon, Office of the Commissioner for Children (

The place is called:





Add other important experiences or identities

This issue affects all children and therefore different groups of children will participate. the research study is a national study.